10 x GOTS Organic Reusable Make up remover wipes (semi circles, mixed colours)


A set of 10 reusable make up wipes made from organic velour (coloured) and fleece (cream) . These are made by Honour Your Flow who are based in the UK.  These ones are half moon shaped as they’re zero waste and created from the fabric cut outs that might otherwise end up in the bin (probably compost bin though)

Capable of being washed at 60 degrees, these make up remover wipes can be used again and again and replace the need to buy single-use cotton wool pads packed in a plastic bag. Not to mention, they’re more economical than single-use cotton pads.

They will arrive unpackaged with just a piece of string tying them together.

Why replace single use cotton with organic cotton reusable wipes? Have a read of this article which compares organic and non organic cotton. This is why in green’s always supports organic cotton and sells GOTS certified not just cotton. Even reusables can have a negative impact on the environment if the cotton used was grown by conventional methods. Choosing to support the organic farming of cotton, you’re going to have a considerably lower impact on the planet due to the methods organic farmers implement.

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